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Toshiba Ducted Slim Indoor Unit, VRF
Toshiba Ducted Slim Indoor Unit, VRF

Toshiba Ducted Slim Indoor Unit, VRF

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  Model: Toshiba Ducted Slim
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Toshiba Viet Nam - Leading Innovation >>>
Toshiba Viet Nam - Leading Innovation >>>
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Toshiba Air Conditioners - Ducted Slim Indoor Unit, VRF 

Dieu hoa Toshiba  

Features of Ducted Slim Indoor Unit for Toshiba SMMS

Dieu hoa ToshibaWhether installed in a ceiling void or in a false ceiling, Toshiba new slim duct offers the ultimate technology, with exceptional energy savings, high performance and easy installation. This ultra flexible, invisible and silent unit creates a pleasant and comfortable environment for a wide range of applications, such as hotels, offices, shops, etc.

Contact Toshiba Vietnam: +84 4 665 88886 for more support.

  • Only 210 mm in height for greater application flexibility
  • 4-step static pressure setup
  • Concealed installation within a ceiling void
  • Fresh air intake available
  • High lift drain pump (up to 850 mm).

The most slim & quiet Toshiba unit

  • Perfect comfort throughout the room
  • Can be used with any style of air diffuser
  • Quiet, powerful operation. Very low noise level: it can operate at only 24 dB(A).


  • Auxiliary fresh air flange Toshiba TCB-FF101URE2

Dieu hoa Toshiba

Technical Data


Model  MMD-











Power supply 220-240/1/50
Cooling capacity, kW 2.2 2.8 3.6 4.5 5.6
Heating capacity, kW 2.5 3.2 4.0 5.0 6.3
Power consumption, kW 0.039 0.039 0.043 0.045 0.054
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 210 х 845 х 645
Net weight, kg 22 22 22 23 23
External static pressure, Pa 6 (default) - 16 - 31 - 46  
Air flow volume, m³/h 540/470/400 540/470/400 600/520/450 690/600/520 780/680/580
Sound pressure level, dBA 28/26/24 28/26/24 29/27/25 32/30/28 33/31/29
Gas pipe, mm (inch) 9.5 (3/8”) 9.5 (3/8”) 9.5 (3/8”) 12.7 (1/2”) 12.7 (1/2”)
Liquid pipe, mm (inch) 6.4 (1/4”) 6.4 (1/4”) 6.4 (1/4”) 6.4 (1/4”) 6.4 (1/4”)
Condensate drain, mm 25 (inner diameter, PVC pipe)

Model Line-up of Toshiba Ducted Slim Indoor Unit, VRF

2.20 kW (cooling)
2.50 kW (heating)

2.80 kW (cooling)
3.20 kW (heating) 

3.60 kW (cooling)
4.00 kW (heating)

4.50 kW (cooling)
5.00 kW (heating)

5.60 kW (cooling)
6.30 kW (heating)
Refrigerant R410A (HFC)toshiba vietnam

The ducted indoors unit for Toshiba Super MMS system offers through connecting ducts with small cross sections the latest technology with great energy saving, high power and flexible installation. With a silent running and an unobstrusive positioning this unit causes a comfort atmoshpere in many applications: hotels, offices, shops.

  • CFC-free refrigerant R410A
  • Low construction height of only 210 mm
  • Flexible installation
  • Connection for fresh air intake possible
  • Condensate drain pump included
  • Very low noise level
  • External static pressure up to 49 Pa

High-wall Air Conditioner Selection Program

All information on the Site (the "Information") is copyrighted by Toshiba Vietnam and protected by law. Write "www.ToshibaVietnam.Vn" when release the information from this website. - Contact +84 4 665 88886 for more support!

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