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Toshiba VRF SMMSi Outdoor Units
Toshiba VRF SMMSi Outdoor Units

Toshiba VRF SMMSi Outdoor Units

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Toshiba Viet Nam - Leading Innovation >>>
Toshiba Viet Nam - Leading Innovation >>>
Hanoi, Vietnam, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội
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Toshiba SMMSi = 3 compressors + maximum efficiency

Toshiba SMMSI 3 compressorsToshiba SMMSi is the first in the air conditioning industry to control all the 3 compressors with a dedicated inverter board that taps the compressor’s full potential to provide smoother operation.

The 2-pipe VRF SMMSi operates with R-410A refrigerant and incorporates the latest inverter technology in all outdoor unit models. In addition, the SMMS incorporates twin-inverter compressors in every outdoor unit. The capacities range from 14 to 135 kW in cooling mode and 16 to 150 kW in heating mode with the capability to serve up to 48 indoor units. 13 different indoor unit models available in 81 sizes ensure system flexibility.

  • Unbeatable energy consumption efficiency.
  • Compact flow selector unit: it automatically adjusts the temperature either by unit or by area.
  • The highest reliability for back up operation thanks to Toshiba dual inverter compressors.
  • Piping branch flexibility: the three-pipe connection allows installation height variation of 35m (equivalent to a 9-story building).
  • Active Oil Management system: it increases the operation reliability of all Toshiba VRF systems.
  • CFC-free high density refrigerant R410A
  • Individual, central, network control

Industry-leading energy savings

Adopting the highly efficient new DC twin-rotary compressors and advanced vector-controlledinverters realizes a COP of 6.38 (under 50% partial load). Greater operating performance is now possible when operating under a constant load.

  Toshiba SMMSi system
  • Part load operation
    A VRF system can achieve energy efficient operation especially in a separated room layout as shown. Not all of the indoor units operate at the same time so the system is almost always operating with a partial indoor unit load. Toshiba SMMS has a world's highest COP at a part load - up to 6.38
  • Vector-controlled inverter
    The inverter boosts efficiency by controlling R410A and a twin-rotary DC compressor. Smooth sine current curve realizes higher efficiency and less noise.
  • Outdoor heat-transfer
    Compact heat-transfer tube with intakes on four sides. Tubes with improved heat-transfer coefficient of the inner surface.

New intelligent VRF control

Toshiba’s newly developed intelligent VRF control ensures that the right amount of refrigerant to satisfy the demands of each room, regardless of the type of indoor unit used and the length of the pipes. Contact Toshiba Vietnam: +84 4 665 88886 for more support.

Điều hòa Toshiba

Infinity variable control adjusts compressor rotation speed in near-seamless 0.1 Hz steps. Responding precisely to the capacity needs of the moment, this fine control minimizes energy loss when changing frequencies, and also creates a comfortable environment subject to minimal temperature variations.

Toshiba SMMS-i

Layout flexibility with few design limitations

System layouts can use a maximum equivalent distance of up to 235 meters. This makes it much easier to design for floors with many small rooms, or for tenants who often rearrange their floor layouts.

Toshiba SMMSi leads the industry with support for height differences of up to 40 meters between indoor units on a single system. That is enough height to cover an 11-story building. (As of December 2009, according to in-house studies)

Toshiba SMMS-i

The versatility of the SMMSi means that virtually any configuration of the refrigerant Y-type branches and/or header piping can be used in an application to give the shortest, most cost-effective piping installation. The piping can be run in any direction to facilitate refurbishment work. Line and header branching after header branching are Unique Toshiba's systems!

Toshiba active oil management system

The active oil management system developed by Toshiba continually monitors the level of oil in all compressors, should an oil shortage be detected in any compressor, oil is automatically transferred from a compressor in another outdoor unit. The two compressors in an individual SMMSi outdoor unit are connected by way of an oil balancing pipe to ensure a uniform oil levels within the two compressors.

1) Oil balance control. This control equalizes amount of oil between two compressors.

Toshiba Super MMS COP

2) Oil supply control. This control accumulates oil in the oil separator. When oil is insufficient, the system supplies oil to the compressors.

Toshiba Super MMS COP

3) Oil supply control between outdoor units. This control supplies oil accumulated in the oil tank of each outdoor unit to the outdoor unit with insufficient oil.

Toshiba Super MMS COP


Wide variety in SMMSi indoor unit line-up

Toshiba Super MMS COPUp to 48 indoor units can be connected to a single Toshiba SMMSi system. There are 13 different indoor unit models available in 81 sizes. The large choice of indoor unit models and sizes compatible with the VRF range ensures the ideal solution for any application requirement.

The performances of all units are maximised: low sound levels, optimised air flows and the extremely compact design that reduces installation time and costs. Moreover, the recent additions to the range, the compact high-wall and the slim duct units, reaffirm Toshiba’s commitment to create the perfect climate and well-being for business users. Toshiba provides the ideal climate and comfort levels, ensuring a healthy environment, high technology, maximised efficiency and modern design.

All indoor unit are applicable for all Toshiba VRF systems (SMMSi, SMMS, SHRM and MiNi-SMMS).

  • Cassette: 4-way cassette, compact 4-way, 2-way cassette, 1-way cassette 
  • Ducted: standard, high static pressure, superslim, 100% fresh air intake
  • Ceiling
  • High-wall and compact high-wall
  • Floor-standing
  • Concealed

Toshiba SMMSi protection devices

  • Discharge and suction temperature sensors
  • Internal overload relay
  • Compressor over-current relay
  • Over-current sensor
  • High pressure switch
  • Low pressure sensors

Technical Data

Toshiba SMMS-i

Model Line-up

Toshiba SMMS-i  




45 kW (cooling)
50 kW (heating)

68 kW (cooling)
76 kW (heating)

73 kW (cooling)
81 kW (heating)


135 kW (cooling)
150 kW (heating)

Refrigerant R410A (HFC)toshiba vietnam
NEW!Toshiba is introducing new high-performance VRF system with 3 compressors and 3 inverters.

Adopting the highly efficient new DC twin-rotary compressors and advanced vector-controlled inverters realizes a COP of 6.38 (under 50% partial load). Three new Toshiba DC twin-rotary compressors that feature outstanding capacity under partial load drive the 14 and 16HP outdoor unit models, while two are used by the other outdoor unit models. These new compressors improve both energy efficiency and comfort levels. All-inverter control realizes finer control over operation of the air conditioners to match the load on the system.

    • CFC-free refrigerant R410A
    • New DC twin rotary compressors 
    • Ultra-precise 0.1 Hz control over compressor rotation speed
    • Equivalent distance of up to 235 meters.
    • Height differences of up to 40 meters between indoor units on a single system.
    • Compact and light design of the outdoor units guarantee easy manoeuvrability on location

High-wall Air Conditioner Selection Program

All information on the Site (the "Information") is copyrighted by Toshiba Vietnam and protected by law. Write "www.ToshibaVietnam.Vn" when release the information from this website. - Contact +84 4 665 88886 for more support!

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