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Toshiba Heat Recovery Multi System (SHRM)
Toshiba Heat Recovery Multi System (SHRM)

Toshiba Heat Recovery Multi System (SHRM)

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Toshiba Viet Nam - Leading Innovation >>>
Toshiba Viet Nam - Leading Innovation >>>
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Toshiba Heat Recovery Multi System (SHRM)                     

Toshiba SHRM

Greater energy saving : COP of 3.97*

- COP of 3.97* achieved by Toshiba's cutting-edge technologies *When heating with 8HP CDU system
- High part-load efficiency with heat recovery
- 5 years' proven experience of using R410A refrigerant utilizes its capability to the full
- High efficiency twin DC rotary compressors

Toshiba SHRM

Large capacity heat recovery system : 8 - 30HP

- Best match choice from wide range from 8HP to 30HP
- Compact flow selector (FS) unit Larger 10HP FS unit line up
- Group control by one FS unit
- Toshiba's unique piping branch flexibility

illustration of Super Heat Recovery Multi System
Toshiba SHRM Toshiba SHRM Toshiba SHRM

The Super Heat Recovery Multi System is a multi-function air conditioning system that allows freely selectable cooling and heating from each indoor unit on a single refrigerant piping system. It can heat and cool at the same time, so it enables even better heat recovery.


Toshiba SHRM
Note * 12HP outdoor unit is for stand-alone usage only.

FS unit


Wide control applications

Integration with a building management system (BMS) is available

Compliant manager

Touch Screen controller

Compliant manager Touch Screen controller

Intelligent Server *1

LN Interface *2

Intelligent Server LN Interface

*1 BACnet®:

ANSI/ASHRAE 135-1995, A data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks.

*2 LonWorks®:

Resisteved trademark Echelon corporation

Toshiba SHRM

HRM catalogue

Điều hòa Toshiba




Cooling capacity

Heating capacity

Model name (50Hz)

No. of units in combination

Max. No. of indoor units

8 HP

22.4 kW

25.0 kW




10 HP

28.0 kW

31.5 kW




12 HP

33.5 kW

35.5 kW




16 HP

45.0 kW

50.0 kW


2 (22.4 kW + 22.4 kW)


18 HP

50.4 kW

56.5 kW


2 (22.4 Kw + 28.0 kW)


20 HP

56.0 kW

63.0 kW


2 (28.0 kW + 28.0 kW)


24 HP

68.0 kW

76.5 kW


3 (22.4 kW + 22.4 kW + 22.4 kW)


26 HP

73.0 kW

81.5 kW


3 (22.4 kW + 22.4 kW + 28.0 kW)


28 HP

78.5 kW

88.0 kW


3 (22.4 kW + 28.0 kW + 28.0 kW)


30 HP

84.0 kW

95.0 kW


3 (28.0 kW + 28.0 kW + 28.0 kW)


*1 : Rated conditions
Cooling : indoor air temperature 27°C DB/19°C WB, outdoor air temperature 35°C DB
Heating : indoor air temperature 20°C DB, outdoor air temperature 7°C DB/6°C WB

Contact Toshiba Vietnam: +84 4 665 88886 for more support



Điều hòa Toshiba
22.4 kW–33.5 kW
(8-12 HP)
Toshiba SHRM
45.0 kW–56.0 kW
(16-20 HP)
Toshiba SHRM
68.0 kW–84.0 kW
(24-30 HP)


4 way cassette type

photo of Four-way ceiling cassette


MMU-AP ***2 H


Wireless remote
controller kit


photo of Four-way ceiling cassette

Individual louvre control

The angles of each of the four louvres can be set individually
⇒ Enables airflow to be chosen according to user preferences.

Individual louvre control

Easy installation

The panel is attached using the bolt that is already installed on the indoor unit.

Easy installation

Compact 4 way cassette type

2 way cassette type

1 way cassette type

photo of Four-way ceiling cassette
MMU-AP **** MH

photo of Two-way ceiling cassette
MMU-AP *** 1WH

photo of One-way ceiling cassette
MMU-AP *** 1YH (0.8 -1.25HP)
MMU-AP *** 2SH (1.7 -2.5HP)

Concealed ducted type

High-pressure ducted type

Slim ducted type

photo of Standard ducted unit
MMD-AP *** 1BH

photo of High-pressure ducted unit
MMD-AP *** 1H

photo of Slim ducted unit

Under ceiling type

high-wall type

Floor standing concealed type

photo of Ceiling-suspended unit
MMC-AP *** 1H

photo of high-wall unit
photo of high-wall unit

MMK-AP *** 2H
MMK-AP *** 1H

photo of Concealed-chassis unit
MML-AP *** 1BH

Floor standing cabinet type

Floor standing type


photo of Floor-mounted
MML-AP *** 1H

photo of Concealed-chassis unit
MMF-AP *** 1H


High-wall Air Conditioner Selection Program

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