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Toshiba Air Conditioner SMMS-i
Toshiba Air Conditioner SMMS-i

Toshiba Air Conditioner SMMS-i

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Toshiba Viet Nam - Leading Innovation >>>
Toshiba Viet Nam - Leading Innovation >>>
Hanoi, Vietnam, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội
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Toshiba Air Conditioner SMMS-i

Toshiba SMMS-i

The next-generation ' i-quality' trio

Dedication to innovation and advanced intelligence fosters the imaginative creativity with which we deliver total value in air conditioning systems.

Contact Toshiba Vietnam: +84 4 665 88886for more support

Toshiba SMMS-i



The new SMMS-i offers innovations in every savings with highly efficient DC twin rotary compressors and advanced vector-controlled inverters boasting COP of 6.41* at 50% partial load.


Calculated based on JRA4048:2006 specification.



Toshiba SMMS-i



The intelligent VRF ensures precise control over cooling on a room by room basis, delivering consistent temperature to even the furthest room from the unit.



Toshiba SMMS-i



With flexible layout variations beyond imagination, this extremely versatile system can accommodate up to an
impressive 235 metres in length and maximum height of 40 metres between indoor units.



Toshiba SMMS-i
Toshiba SMMS-i

SMMS-i catalogue (Europe,Africa)

SMMS-i catalogue (Asia Oceania)

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