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Toshiba Air Conditioner Selection Program

How do you select the air conditioning system for your home?

One of the most important aspects in your selection of an Air Conditioning System is proper sizing. A properly sized system will not only cool your home but just as importantly, it will remove moisture. A home that maintains low humidity levels will feel much cooler at any given thermostat setting.

So how do you select the proper system size for your home?

выбор кондиционера
  1. Input all the construction data about your home in Toshiba system sizing program. You will get a sharp estimation of air conditioner capacity optimal for your room.  
  2. Have a contractor visit your home and provide an evaluation of the sizing needed.
  3. If you are replacing an existing system within your home, locate the model number from the outdoor section. Most manufacturers code the system Btu capacity into the model number.