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Service & Support
Service & Support

When you choose highly engineered Toshiba products for your home comfort needs, you gain an expert heating and cooling partner for the life of your system. From getting new copies of your product guides and manuals to reviewing the warranty, the experts at Toshiba have made it easy to find the information you need. Plus, we're always available to answer your questions.

AHI Carrier Service was founded to meet the complex service requirements of the HVAC sector. With a performance record which is second to none, AHI Carrier Service has developed to rank among the leading HVAC service providers in Australasia. AHI Carrier Service relied on an extensive network of operation centres, strategically located and operated by a professional team offering specialised technical support to minimise the risk of breakdowns and optimise the energy efficiency of the equipment.

The continuous advance in telecommunications assists reduction and diagnosis of breakdowns, as well as control of the operating conditions of the installation, from remote management centers. Immediate transmission of the data to the field technicians enables them to take the necessary precise measures.  


  • To continually improve, keeping the equipment in prime condition, at optimum efficiency and minimum cost.
  • To offer a product and a service that totally meets the requirements of our customers.
  • To encourage all members of the organisation to share their ideas to make our work more efficient and to satisfy our customers.
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