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About Us

Toshiba air conditioning. Always advancing the horizons.

Leader in technology.

From the introduction of the first portable air conditioner to electronic unit control, Toshiba research has never stopped, and in 2001 we presented Daiseikai, an air conditioner and air purifier in one.

Excellent quality is our business card.

Solutions that are studied and verified in even the smallest detail are universally recognised by air conditioning professionals for their total reliability.


Absolute 360° comfort.

But innovation is not the only aspect that matters to Toshiba. Ideal climate conditions, functional and accurate design, optimised air quality and maximised energy savings. That is Toshiba comfort.

Compatible with the environment.

Continuous research to exceed our own energy efficiency targets, already the highest in the industry, and a clear demonstration of Toshiba's commitment to respect the environment.



The best choice for innovators.

Toshiba does not just produce cooling and heating units, but develops innovations in search of absolute comfort, every day.

Toshiba Viet Nam


No compromise, no concessions. Only quality, pure and simple.

For the last thirty years Toshiba has studied, designed and innovated for the air conditioning market, a sector that is very competitive. For Toshiba quality is always a priority. Today and real difference between us and other air conditioner manufacturers. This is the philosophy that forms the basis of every air conditioner that deviation from this course. No compromise. Only quality.  



Developed first domestically produced hermetic compressor (refrigerator use).


Released “Shibaura Room Cooler”.


Toshiba Fuji Plant commenced its operation.


Released first domestically-produced 1-hp window room air-conditioner, “RAC-151”
Manufactured reciprocating compressors for air-conditioner use.

  Toshiba Viet Nam


Ceiling unit coolers were adopted for JNR Kodama Express.


Released world’s first split air-conditioners.

  Toshiba Viet Nam


An air-conditioning device was adopted for the Tokaido Shinkansen Line.


Developed Japan’s first rotary compressor for air-conditioner use.


Released the rotary air-conditioner, “Kokage”.
Released world’s first set-free air-conditioner.

  Toshiba Viet Nam


Released industry’s first air-conditioner equipped with microcomputer.

  Toshiba Viet Nam


Released world’s first inverter air-conditioner.

  Toshiba Viet Nam


Released scroll compressors.


Released energy-saving digital twin rotary air-conditioners.

  Toshiba Viet Nam


Released the air-cleaning conditioner, “Daiseikai” series.


Toshiba Carrier Corporation commenced its operation.


Released world’s first helical compressor.
Released building air-conditioner, Modular Multi System using R407C refrigerant in Japanese domestic market.

Toshiba Viet Nam


"DC Inverter Rotary Compressors" ,be awarded the "Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry" in Japan.

  Toshiba Viet Nam


Released building air-conditioner, Super Module Multi System using R410A refrigerant to oversea.

Toshiba Viet Nam


Released small office air-conditioner, MiNi-SMMS to oversea.

Toshiba Viet Nam


Released residential air-conditioner, Super DAISEIKAI equipped Ag Plasma air purifier to oversea.
Released light commercial air-conditioner, New Super Digital Inverter to oversea.

Toshiba Viet Nam