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About Us
About Toshiba Carrier Vietnam


Carrier returned to Vietnam in 1991 was among the first US companies to establish repersentative offices in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. In March 1997, Carrier received an invesment license from Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam to establish a 100% foreign-owned enterprise in Vietnam. This enterprise named Carrier Vietnam Air Conditioning Company Ltd has now been established with total investment of 10 million USD and duration of 50 years.

The business objectives of Carrier Vietnamm Ltd are to manufacture, assemble, and distribute air conditioning equipment as followes by Vietnamese laws and regulations and to provide sevices including system design, application engineering, installation contracting, maintenance, repair and parts supply for air conditioning equipment and systems in Vietnam. Carrier Vietnam is developing a local distribution network comprising retail shops and wholesalers for consumer products, specialist installation dealers for Carrier’s full range of products and Carrier Vietnam will work with building owners, designers and contractors to implement Carrier air conditioning systems on large projects throughout Vietnam.

As the world’s leading air conditioning supplier, Carrier Vietnam offers a full range pf HVAC products to suit different market segments.

Consumer Product Retailers :
Carrier Consumer products particularly the window and split room air conditioners are distribiuted through independent wholesalers and retail appliance shops. Carrier Vietnam works closely with these distribution outlets to ensure they are well trained in the application and installation of Carrier air conditioners and Carrier Vietnam fully supports with after-sales services.

Specialist Installation Dealers : These specialist  Dealers are being developed by Carrier Vietnam to be experts in the design and installation of all types of air conditioning systems  from  residential application to large commercial projects. These Dealers will represent Carrier Vietnam throughout Vietnam for small and medium sized projects.
Project Sales : Carrier Vietnam will also work directly with building owners, government departments and other end users for largest projects to ensure the most effective design and application of the air conditioning systems. Carrier Vietnam engineers are trained in the design of air conditioning systems and using high tech tools such as Carrier’s E20-II advanced computer programs for designing can ensure the most effective air conditioning system.
After-Sales Service : Carrier VietNam provides industry leadersship in after sales service for its customers with a fully trained service team and Carrier VietNam ensures a high quality service. Carrier contracting will provide system design and installation service to selected customers.